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About us

About us

IcoZone is a fintech company with experience in creating blockchain-based applications. We have experience in smart contract development on Ethereum blockchain and our focus is on analyzing projects that are currently undergoing ICO.

IcoZone believes in a decentralized future. Our team is made of experienced investors, developers, marketing experts and entrepreneurs. We power Initial Coin Offering by offering them a place to promote themselves while we provide White Paper ratings based on relevant parameters that used to calculate the average score.

Having a strong community, strong partnerships and effective marketing strategy throughout the ICO process is crucial to a successful crowdfunding. Each investor considering participating in an ICO will conduct his or her due diligence, typically by reading your whitepaper and blog posts, researching online and asking questions on their social media channels of choice. On IcoZone, we plan to ease the hard task of an investors by providing him all the relevant information about a project in one place.

Providing this support to thousands of potential investors is time consuming, but if they feel their questions are not getting satisfactory answers, or that there is not much coverage of your project, they could pass on the opportunity. Because of this, IcoZone gives you the opportunity to promote your ICO project on our platform and keep the potential investors updated about the evolution of your project.


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